How to spot Fake Weather 11


When I make a weather chart collection I burn all the ones that are saved in a different format. The first of this collection is a duplicate and comes from a different source, I don’t need it. If you don’t have spares, you should try to save them in the same format.

If you fail to do that the machine will store them in a different place and give them a different name, resulting in scattering them out of sequence, then lost.

I am afraid this has happened all through this collection and I must stay awake to it, or get myself knotted. Especially, because I will be making animation for this book.

An Analysis Chart is the name for the chart from which they make all the subsequent runs on their computers. They collect all the available data for the last hour, compile them then set the computers running; when they are happy with the reults they pass it on the the Chief Meteorologist to make any minor corrections from the latest data combined with his experience of the weather’s tendencies and run out the model again until they have enough information for satisfactory forecasts.

Seven days at the beginning of January just before the Haitian earthquake 2010

There is one half minute between the frames of this gif.

Out of respect for the souls under the altar, crying out to god

Revelation 6:10 How long Jehovah?

I have given you half an hour for a week with the above; I will speed it up so you can whistle through it, once you know what you are looking at: The first week of the destruction of Haiti during 2010.

First of all, because the water in the ocean is not being heated but results from dustification; the effects on Earth’e Heat Budget is not the accepted physics of the planet. The Greenland Hight builds into such a monster that at first, words failed me to describe what was going on. How shameless of us British not to say a damned thing about it on Usenet forums. They have not said anything worthwhile about the weather today which was 28 degrees centigrade.

This is from a weather station not many miles from me:

It looks like satan won’t let me post a link to a Usenet post. Can someone that knows about JS block go around to the bloke who invented it and give be a nasty kicking from me?

Let us take a look at the Met Office forecast and I will tell you what it is actually showing us all:

Well I want to post the MetO charts butI cn’t understand how to, so we all have to wait at the side of the road like a passing car hit us.

Maybe she will wake up one day soon.


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