Mount Sinabung

The Met Office is showing an anticyclone headed for Britain. When it gets there I think it will be blocked-in over us for a few days.

Maybe that is what happens when it threatens rain. The sky just darkened to the south of the hill I live on. And then as I walked home I realised the clouds were striations.

Stoke on Trent is an heat Island, in other words it has its own blocking properties on the atmosphere.

All my assertions are plain bald guesses so double check me for errors. But as you do so, look up The Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society on Gutenberg

This society was set up centuries ago before anyone knew a fraction of the things we know today. People still believed in fairies, not homosexuals but good demons that granted wishes.

BoM is showing a similar product to the Met Office. A blocjed Cyclinic situation.

I will attemempt to post a .gif animation showing what was happening with what is going to happen in a few days. I am dmned id I caunderstand anything on this bloody shite.

file:///home/mike/Downloads/November 2021/19 Nov/14 November2.gif

file:///home/mike/Downloads/November 2021/19 Nov/14 November.gif

I have a friend that is aufate with this crap website maybe she can help me. Her internet contact is Venezuelan thus diabolical I already feel like shouting swearwords and I should keep offline when I feel like this. What I really need is a fight but women don’t like fighting and men only make me cry when I try that.

These bloody animations are running backwards. I suppose it doesn’t make any difference to what they show but it is bloody annoying.

I have had enough of this damned webshite. Gab doesn’t let you use animations and I never liked it format. Does anyone know of a good website that doesn’t want to do your thinking for you?

This webshite has scrambled my egg. I can’t finish what I wanted to do it is so bloody awful


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